COME SEE ME PERFORM NEXT WEEK! I have my very first out of town gig and I am THRILLED!

TUESDAY, July 23, I’ll be performing for the camp goers at Writers Guild of Alberta’s WordsWorth Summer Camp in Red Deer!

WEDNESDAY, July 24, you can find me with Girl Brain at Maggie Walt Design’s Fashion Show (in the space above Flying Dragon Restaurant off Whyte), a fundraising event in support of Edmonton Fringe!

THURSDAY, July 25, I’ll be playing a FREE show at Dog Patch with James Murdoch and Lindon Carter! What a lineup- I’m so honoured to be included!

I am beyond thrilled that opportunities keep coming up that fill me with joy, excitement and confidence to keep pursuing my dreams! 

Thanks for being here and maybe I’ll see you out at an event next week!

For now, here’s a link to listen to my EP in the interim. 😉

SHINE, the EP, released 3 weeks ago and it was a night to remember!

Whenever people ask how the release concert went, I start to beam. I really couldn’t have asked for a better night or better humans involved. 

Looking through these images by my good pal, @BrianneJang, it’s easy to see how everybody shone so bright. 

I am still lit from within, celebrating the fact that SHINE, the EP and its songs have found their way into the ears of friends and new listeners!

If you haven’t had a chance to take a listen yet, I welcome you to- I’m really proud of this body of work and hope that it continues to find new friends this summer!

Much love,

p.s. Here’s a video of me performing my first single, High Wire, at the show on June 20th, 2024 with my fantastic band, comprised of Biboye Onanuga, Gareth Gilliland, Jenni Roberts and Vicky Berg.

p.p.s. Here’s a link to the EP for your listening pleasure!

The fun never stops around here! Catch me this Friday, 1pm at the Works Festival! 

I’ll be playing my tunes LIVE + SOLO at Churchill Square, right after my pops, Rob Heath. It’ll be a true family affair!

Speaking of which, bring your family down to RE/MAX field this Sunday to catch me co-hosting the Edmonton Riverhawks game. Fun fact: you can bring your own DOG!

And Bring Your Own Sense of Humour to Grindstone Comedy Fest next week, where I’ll be performing with the likes of Girl Brain and Cameron Wyllie on Thursday, July 4 at 9pm. 

That Saturday, July 6, I’ll be teaching a workshop on How to Produce a Show, so if you’ve been thinking of putting your own work up on a stage and need a little guidance, go sign up at!


I’ve got more EP content to roll out in the weeks to come so Stay Tuned… and thanks for continuing to be here and receive my Ellie News- I do enjoy sharing it with your shining face. 


What a night we had, celebrating the release of my first ever EP, SHINE at the Roxy 124 Street!

I am levitating right now from all of the love and sparkle of the night. 

Thanks to everybody who came out and to all the folks who have been there throughout this process. Your love, care and energy are what keep me going after my dreams!

I saw a video recently where the great Conan O’Brien said, “to do what you love with the people you love, that’s heaven on earth.” 

Ain’t that the truth?

The full EP, SHINE, is out now on all streaming services!

Stream it here on Spotify!

SHINE, the single, IS HERE! 

I am beyond excited to share the title track off my upcoming EP, with instrumentals, back up vocals and production by Jesse Northey and Steven Foster.

Before recording the EP, I remember spending a large portion of January feeling nervous about working with two such behemoths of talent- I felt out of my depth, like an impostor and truly unworthy.

Then, I got to Toronto late in the month and met up with these gems of human beings. 

They created a space that felt safe, welcoming and filled with inspiration and laughter. We ended up spending a week, making something really special, above and beyond the memories we created!

Leading up to my first rehearsal with a full band this Tuesday, I also felt that sense of dread and unworthiness creep in. 

I knew I had amassed an incredible group of talented folks and wanted to make sure that I rose to the occasion! 

Again, I was blown away by the welcoming and positive attitude of every member in the band. We had a sensational rehearsal and everything sounded like a dream to me! 

Thanks so much to Biboye Onanuga, Gareth Gilliland, Vicky Berg and Phil Holtby for making my sonic dreams come true and a special shout out to Brian and Amelia for setting us up and supporting us with quality sound tech and kindness!

It’s amazing, the magic you can create when you surround yourself with top notch humans. 

Shine is a song about finding those people who bring the light out in you, who see what’s special and encourage it to come to the surface! 

I assure you that I’ve been lit from within throughout this process, having had the pleasure of surrounding myself with folks along this journey that bring the sparkle out in me. ☺️

I cannot wait to share the single with you tomorrow and the release of the full EP next Thursday!

The EP release concert happens Thursday, June 20 at Roxy 124 Street with Waffelhouse and DJ Kena Leon! You can grab tickets to the show here.

Thanks for being here, for shining your light(s) on me and for listening! 

I hope you enjoy SHINE as much as I do! ✨

Better Off has been streamed over 2,000 times since its release 2 weeks ago!

The song has also been added to 130 playlists! And I currently have over 1.5k monthly listeners on my Spotify, which is more than I’ve had to date since I began releasing music in 2022! The music video with Mike Robertson has over 5k views!

My next single, Shine, off of my upcoming EP, will be releasing June 13th- that’s less than 2 weeks away!

And the EP Release Show is less than 3 weeks away on June 20th at Roxy 124 Street with Waffelhouse + Kena Leon. You can get tickets through my link tree!

K, that’s enough info! LET’S CELEBRATE NOW!


A week ago, Better Off released! 

Since, the song has had 485 streams (we’ll get to over 500 this weekend 😏)! It’s also been added to 48 playlists!

The music video, in collaboration with Mike Robertson, has had over 4800 views, combined!

This is the first single off my EP, SHINE, which releases June 20th.

Shine, the title track off the EP, will release on June 13th.

There’ll be a big ole celebration and live music show at the Roxy 124 Street on Thursday, June 20th with WaffelHouse Band and DJ Kena Leon, PLUS I’ll be playing with a live band! 

Grab tickets to the EP Release Concert here!

All great things and thanks for being here with me to experience them!

SHINE, my first ever EP, releases on JUNE 20TH, and I’ll be celebrating with an EP Release Concert at Roxy 124 Street that same night! It’s a Thursday!

Waffelhouse will be opening and Kena León will be closing the night out with some great tunes and dancing!

There will be merch! There will be doughnuts! There will be good vibes! I’ll be playing with a live band- more details to come on that closer to!

My next single, the title track off the EP, SHINE, will be releasing on June 13th, so get out that calendar and mark it! June 13th and June 20th, we’re going to SHINE OUR LIGHTS together, sweet friends!

And if you forget, don’t even worry about it. I’m going to be SHOUTING IT OUT for the next month and a bit!

Grab your tickets to the show through this link! 🙂


My first single, Better Off, is out off my upcoming EP, SHINE!

This is a big day, and I am so proud of the work that Mike Robertson and I put into this music video. I am also super proud of the song that Jesse Northey and Steven Foster helped me create.

I’ll be making some big announcements in the coming days, so keep an eye out and in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my newest tune!

The music video can be found here:

You can stream the tune here:

Submitted my final report today to Edmonton Arts Council for the $25k grant I was awarded last May-

This grant allowed me to launch, and record 6 songs with Jesse Northey and Steve Foster for my EP, SHINE, which releases in June!

The grant also allowed me to shoot a music video for my first single, Better Off, which releases in 3 weeks on Friday, May 17th!

Get ready! There’s more where all that came from!