SHINE, the single, is here!

SHINE, the single, IS HERE! 

I am beyond excited to share the title track off my upcoming EP, with instrumentals, back up vocals and production by Jesse Northey and Steven Foster.

Before recording the EP, I remember spending a large portion of January feeling nervous about working with two such behemoths of talent- I felt out of my depth, like an impostor and truly unworthy.

Then, I got to Toronto late in the month and met up with these gems of human beings. 

They created a space that felt safe, welcoming and filled with inspiration and laughter. We ended up spending a week, making something really special, above and beyond the memories we created!

Leading up to my first rehearsal with a full band this Tuesday, I also felt that sense of dread and unworthiness creep in. 

I knew I had amassed an incredible group of talented folks and wanted to make sure that I rose to the occasion! 

Again, I was blown away by the welcoming and positive attitude of every member in the band. We had a sensational rehearsal and everything sounded like a dream to me! 

Thanks so much to Biboye Onanuga, Gareth Gilliland, Vicky Berg and Phil Holtby for making my sonic dreams come true and a special shout out to Brian and Amelia for setting us up and supporting us with quality sound tech and kindness!

It’s amazing, the magic you can create when you surround yourself with top notch humans. 

Shine is a song about finding those people who bring the light out in you, who see what’s special and encourage it to come to the surface! 

I assure you that I’ve been lit from within throughout this process, having had the pleasure of surrounding myself with folks along this journey that bring the sparkle out in me. ☺️

I cannot wait to share the single with you tomorrow and the release of the full EP next Thursday!

The EP release concert happens Thursday, June 20 at Roxy 124 Street with Waffelhouse and DJ Kena Leon! You can grab tickets to the show here.

Thanks for being here, for shining your light(s) on me and for listening! 

I hope you enjoy SHINE as much as I do! ✨